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Dole certifications

Dole’s certifications reflect our commitment to protect both people and the planet. They apply to all social and environmental issues from cultivation to transportation. The many measures Dole is involved in benefit local communities.

The Control Union defines ecological agriculture as a production management system that restores, maintains and improves ecological harmony. It promotes the use of mineral and natural fertilisers and the improvement of biological cycles through natural pest and disease control.


Peru stretches all along the pacific ocean just South of the Equator. Peru has very diverse climates and regions suitable to grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables. Organic bananas mostly come from the North West of the country close to the Ecuadorian border.

Dale Foundation

The cultivation and export of organic bananas to the overseas market has had a positive impact on the standard of living in the rural communities of the Piura region. Social needs are however still important. The Dale foundation has been operating in the producing region for 10 years supplying health services and supporting educational projects locally. Discover how the Dale foundation operates and its positive impact on organic banana producers, banana workers, and their families.


Quality fruit needs space. The plantation covers more than 0.5 square kilometres or 64 football fields.

70 people work at this plantation.

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The weather in Peru is mostly stable during the year. During the night it is cold and is getting warmer during the morning. The temperature then is constantly increasing until noon. Due to the altitude the weather conditions change accordingly: it starts with snow in the mountains and ends at warm sun at the coast.

  • Local Time: 16:38 (GMT -05:00)
  • clear sky
  • Humidity 40%

degrees celsius


Sullana is located in the northwestern part of Peru. Bananas have replaced cotton as the main crop in the region but it also grows grapes and mangos. In Sullana the weather is hot with very little rain, which is unusual for a banana producing region. In spite of its very dry climate it is an important farming region thanks to it fertile soils and the water brought by the Chira river from the Andes mountains.


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