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My Energy

Philosophy on life

Healthy, fit, and happy - for a lifetime! It sounds like a fairy tale, but with a little background knowledge, it’s very simple. We here at Dole and our owner David H. Murdock are convinced: An all-round healthy lifestyle permits a long and fulfilling life. That is why we have developed the “My Energy” code, a formula for well-being and genuine quality of life.

Its message is remarkably simple: Eat wisely, exercise regularly, and pursue something about which you are passionate. Learn more about our philosophy and its impressive role models David H. Murdock and Dr. Giorgos Vrettos.

David H. Murdock

"I'd like to live to 125 years old."

David Murdock

Some people have the potential to change all our lives. For the better. Dole's 92-year-old owner, David H. Murdock, is one such person. He is a committed visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist and in many ways acts as a role model for us and our "My Energy" initiative. Since his wife's death from cancer, David H. Murdock has focused intensively on health and nutrition. To expand the knowledge he has gained and to make it accessible to all of us, he founded the North Carolina Research Campus with his own money. He is convinced that a generally healthy lifestyle leads to a better quality of life and a longer life – and the proof of this comes not just from intensive studies, but in the form of his own vitality right into old age. A daily smoothie, made from fresh fruit, as well as plenty of vegetables, fish and regular exercise such as cycling, give him energy and strength. Also important are a positive attitude to life and the motto, 'everything is possible', you just have to try.

Dr. Giorgos Vrettos

"For me, the sea is a source of life."

Giorgos Vrettos

A life without sport? For 80-year-old Dr. Giorgos Vrettos, such a thing would be inconceivable. As a doctor, he looked after the Greek Olympic team for many years and took part in countless competitions himself. Even today, he is a keen swimmer and enjoys every minute in the water. Walks with his dog and a lot of time spent with his grandchildren keep him active and give him plenty of energy. And it goes without saying that, as a true "My Energy" role model, he also eats a healthy and carefully selected diet and passes on his knowledge to benefit others. As a retired doctor, he knows how important a healthy lifestyle is. He finds the perfect rest from his active daily life in opera and singing. As a young man, he once faced the choice of becoming an opera singer or studying medicine. Medicine won, but this dynamic Greek doctor's heart has always been quickened by music. He nurtures his passion for music several times a week by being part of several choirs. A vibrant, healthy life full of energy and passion keeps him young.

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From bananas to blueberries and pineapples to lemons – for many years now, at its own research center, Dole has been conducting detailed investigations of the substances contained in fruits and vegetables and the ways in which they affect our health. 

The scientists at the Dole Nutrition Institute in Kannapolis are leaders in this field of research. Their studies show us how fruit and vegetables can slow down the aging process, combat illness, and enhance fitness.

You only live once - make the most of every opportunity!

Stay healthy, fit and happy your whole life long! It sounds like a fairytale, but with a bit of background knowledge, it's actually very easy. We at Dole and our owner David H. Murdock are convinced: an all-round healthy lifestyle allows you to live a long and fulfilled life. This is why we've developed the energy code, a formula for true well-being and real quality of life. The secret behind it is a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, regular exercise and also a fulfilling personal passion makes you happy and healthy. The Dole Research Centre in North Carolina investigates every detail of the contents of fruits and vegetables and their effects on our lives. By living your life with more focus today, you can have a positive influence on your health and energy levels later in life. Learn with us about your very own "My Energy" energy sources.

North Carolina Research Campus

We research for your future.

"To stay healthy, you need a healthy diet," says David H. Murdock with conviction. His vision was to create a place where research can be carried out intensively and efficiently into nutrition, health and agriculture. Unique the world over, the North Carolina Research Campus was founded by him in 2005 in conjunction with the Dole Nutrition Institute, which is also part of the Kannapolis-based organisation. Together with 300 scientists, the four-strong Dole team of experts researches the relationships between long life and healthy nutrition. The scientists, who are led by Dr. Nicholas Gillitt, focus primarily on the constituents and nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetables and what effect those can have to our body.

Mary Ann Lila

“The passion of my life is little blue fruits

Mary Ann Lila

Dr Mary Ann Lila, Director of the “North Carolina State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute”, puts all her passion and energy into the research of berries. Her research programme, called “LilaLab”, concentrates mainly on the health-promoting combinations in blueberries. She shares these results with scientists and students from all over the world. More than 200 scientific articles about berries have already been published in the most influential journals. With her intensive research, she is hoping to find new ways to prevent chronic diseases or even to counteract them. Her aim is to use proper and verifiable nutrition to improve human health.

Nick Gillitt

"We explain to consumers how a healthy diet can affect the ageing process."

From apples to zucchini – barely anyone has researched fruit and vegetables as intensively as Dr. Nicholas Gillitt. For 10 years, the Vice President of Dole Nutritional Research and Head of the Dole Nutrition Institute has been researching the constituents of fruit and vegetables and their effect on humans. His long-term studies have improved not only the testing methods used, but also our products. Much modern consumer information and nutritional recommendations, along with numerous scientific publications for specialist journals of course, have been penned by Dr. Gillitt. Between his laboratory work and presentations, is there any time for anything else? The sporty scientist tops up his energy reserves with exercise. He relaxes with jogging or mountain biking, thereby promoting both his physical and mental vitality.

Nick Gillitt

Study results

The aim of our research activities is to create sustainable added value and share it with you. We investigate how and why fruit, vegetables, and exercise are beneficial to human health. 

That is why you will always find the latest results of our current studies and a wealth of interesting facts about healthy living here and on our blog.Take advantage of our knowledge to lead a more active and healthier life. 

Berries and green tea – a powerful team for our immune system

Our immune system needs a lot of care, not just during the winter cold season. Constant job stress or major physical exertion can also weaken our defenses. Help optimize your metabolism and your immune system with fruit and vegetables. They contain polyphenols (secondary plant compounds) that are believed to have a variety of health-promoting effects. Epidemiological studies in recent years have shown that, taken in the form of fruit, vegetables and green tea, they can have an anti-bacterial effect in the body. A current study by the Dole Research Institute in collaboration with the North Carolina Research Campus has added further important findings to this. To investigate the effect of larger quantities of polyphenols in the body, scientists led by Dr. Nick Gillitt gave marathon runners a mixture of blueberries, green tea and soy protein for 2 weeks. Blood tests performed on the participants demonstrated a lower concentration of various inflammatory parameters. "This result indicated that foods containing high levels of polyphenols, such as blueberries or green tea can protect athletes from virus infections following rigorous exercise" confirms Nick Gillitt, Director of the Dole Nutrition Institute.


Lay the foundations for a long life by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables

Put more colour on your plate! A range of national eating habit studies in America, England and Germany have confirmed that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables prolongs your life. Scientists all agree that vegetarians, flexitarians (people who eat very little meat) and pescetarians (people who don't eat meat but who do eat plenty of fish) live longer, on average. Their diets and lifestyles significantly reduce the risk of a range of chronic diseases. These include obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, secondary plant compounds and fibre – i.e. the essential components for all of the body's functions. Another bonus is that they also contain little calories and fat. By eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, we eat fewer calories and maintain a lower cholesterol level, slower cell ageing and better perfusion of the blood. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that adults consume more potassium (around 3.5 g per day) in their diets. "A lot of foods nowadays are highly processed. They therefore often don't contain adequate levels of nutrients. If you buy a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and high-quality foods, you'll get the full range of healthy nutritional benefits," advises Dr. Nick Gillitt.

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by Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer My Energy Test

Discover what's good for you! What foods give you energy, what sports make you fit and how you can optimise your everyday life – after all, it varies from individual to individual. Something that gives one person strength might take valuable energy reserves away from someone else. The specially developed test will enable you to discover which energy type you are and how you can best bring your life back to a healthy balance.

Here's how it works: On the questions, click the answers that most apply to you. If several answers apply, choose the one that describes you best. Don't think about the answers for too long – just choose the answer that you instinctively go for. Be honest too, otherwise the result won't be a true reflection of who you are. Have fun!

Question 1 of 10

Which of the following descriptions fits you best?

Question 1

I quickly get excited about things, I'm creative, I'm quick-witted and flexible, I grasp new ideas quickly, but I worry unnecessarily a lot too.

I like being a leader, I've got a fiery temperament, I'm ambitious, I love freedom, I'm a perfectionist and I quickly get impatient.

I'm very methodical and patient, I don't get worked up inside or to the outside world easily, I'm resilient, I've got a good memory and I think carefully and calmly before I make a decision.

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